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London’s best Christmas party venues

If there was ever a time to make your Christmas party the best-ever, it's now! And here is the perfect place to start.

Christmas Party Dress Inspiration

It’s the most stylish season of all...

Christmas Parties 101: How much is tax deductible?

A game changer for some - you can deduct a fair chunk of party costs from your company taxes! But how?

How to plan a wedding

Now you're engaged, the real fun can begin! Shall we get planning?

How to manage anxiety as a bride

eve wedding planners share some anxiety-reduction strategies for the ‘big day’.

How to livestream a wedding

Taking your wedding virtual? eve event planners tell all on how to effectively livestream a wedding.

Why are wedding dresses white?

A bride’s dress has been arguably one of the most anticipated elements of a wedding for years gone by - but where did it all come from? Who

What Google can tell us about marriage

We researched Google search history and search volumes to find out what the UK’s lovebirds really cared about. Here are the answers!

What event venues can teach us about creating an inspiring space at home

How to create more inspiring spaces at home by taking a leaf out of the books of some of London’s top venues.

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