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A/V Inspiration for your next event

Seasoned event managers and party planners at eve share audio-visual inspiration to ensure that your next event is a knock-out.

Summer party ideas for corporate events

Event management experts at eve share their best summer party ideas for corporate events.

Creative engagement party ideas

Event planning experts at eve share their top creative engagement party ideas for a magical pre-wedding celebration.

How to make goody bags for events

How to come up with the best conference bags for your events by understanding who your guests are and what they’re really looking for.

London’s Best Event Industry Recruitment Agencies

Looking for a job in events? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best event industry recruitment agencies to help you on your way.

How to make a business case for Christmas party budget

Read our guide to creating a business case that’ll have your manager looking forward to the Christmas do.

How to stay zen as an event professional

We reveal our top tips for staying chill at your next event.

What do event managers do? Key functions of an event manager

eve reveals the key functions of an event manager and the required skills for an event management role.

The event prof’s guide to raising your professional profile using social media

A guide for event managers on using social media to boost their careers or businesses.

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